The house isn’t haunted, but you are terrified.

It happens to everyone. You are enthusiastic, thrilled, overjoyed- you are going to buy a house! You become increasingly excited, dreaming about where it will be, how it will look, and about having cookouts with those awesome new neighbors. After tons of research on neighborhoods, mortgage rates, schools, agents, you begin to look in earnest. Then, one day,… Continue reading The house isn’t haunted, but you are terrified.

Real Estate is Just Like Pasta

There is an agent for everyone, just like there is a home for everyone. I am honored that I have been chosen by quite a few throughout the years. It has helped me pay my bills, but more importantly it has helped me feel good about what I do. Every time I see a client’s face light up when we walk into a home and I know it’s a good fit; and every time I bring a strong offer to a seller who is anxious to sell, it nourishes me in a very different way that serving pasta ever could.