Real Estate

Real Estate is Just Like Pasta

Many years ago, at the dawn of my real estate career, a very powerful agent sold a listing I had in the area that she dominated. I had been expressing concern about something that had to do with my client and her welfare, when the agent turned to me and said, “You care too much. You need to remember that selling real estate is just like serving pasta in a restaurant. You don’t need to worry about anything but getting it from the kitchen to the table, getting your money and you are done.”

I was honestly taken aback. I thought about this a LOT . I still think about it to this day… and I always come to this conclusion:

Selling real estate is not like selling pasta. At least, not for me. 

I am not trying to diminish the validity of her insight, or how she conducts her business.  Not at all!  For her, it is the most efficient way to operate, and she has been extremely successful. But I know that the people who select her as an agent, probably wouldn’t select me. We bring a whole different set of skills to the table; and, despite the differences, I honestly don’t think one can be considered better or worse than the other.

I don’t think I could do a good job if I were detached the way she is.

Since I am invested in the outcome for my clients, I can’t work with as many at a time as she can; and honestly, I don’t want to. I want to provide the service that I would want as a client. Thorough, personalized, knowledgable and efficient, with the added bonus of dealing with someone who truly cares about me being happy with my decision.

That’s the beauty of real estate. There is an agent for everyone, just like there is a home for everyone. I am honored that I have been chosen by quite a few throughout the years. It has helped me pay my bills, but more importantly it has helped me feel good about what I do. Every time I see a client’s face light up when we walk into a home and I know it’s a good fit; and every time I bring a strong offer to a seller who is anxious to sell, it nourishes me in a very different way that serving pasta ever could. 

Is real estate unlike pasta for you or for someone you know? If so, and you (or they) need an agent, please contact me today.

Best regards,

Abby Raymond-Dow
Re/Max in Motion
(954) 205-2229

Real Service.
Real Results.


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